Traveling in the Maldives

For the average traveler, there's one way of commuting in the Maldives; the Maldivian way. My work takes me quite a few times to the Maldives. The plus side is that I get to sleep in really comfy beds. The down side is getting around. So I thought I'd share my experience which may give … Continue reading Traveling in the Maldives


Barcelona, Spain

I arrived in Barcelona on work and so I only have two weekends for my own adventures. I wanted to make the most of the little time I had in Europe; the reading may help if you're stuck for time too!  After work on Friday night, one of my friends who also happened to be … Continue reading Barcelona, Spain

Fresh Water Dolphins in Kratie, Cambodia

This was without a doubt, the highlight of my trip to the old Khmer Empire. Confession: I haven't yet gone dolphin watching in Sri Lanka which is more or less one of the "big fives" of the island - but now I have seen fresh water dolphins instead - and what a beautiful sight it … Continue reading Fresh Water Dolphins in Kratie, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

December, 2015: yes, it's been a year since we actually went to Cambodia. Better late than never! - let's just say this is #throwback. Colombo to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and Singapore to Phnom Penh on Silk Air. It wasn't a bad flight, except for the fact that I was babysitting two adult 'brothers' (one … Continue reading Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Brisbane, Australia

The state of Queensland, Australia - I took a domestic flight out from Melbourne to spend the weekend with one of my oldest friends in Brisbane. With the warmest welcome of a plate of Kiribath (milk rice, a traditional Sri Lankan dish) and a hot cup of tea, we watched the opening ceremony of the … Continue reading Brisbane, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

My first time out of Asia, I watched as the sun dawned over Asia Pacific. I was en route to Melbourne, the longest flight I had been on and the first other continent I travelled to. Being excited was an understatement. In three weeks, I squeezed in three beautiful states, was inspired by some breathtaking … Continue reading Melbourne, Australia

Hong Kong, the Fragrant Harbour

My third time to Hong Kong - thanks to family living there, I don't have to worry about anything else except spending money! I've brought together everything I've done and experienced in this beautiful city. I travelled in both February and April - the former, was bitter cold with bits of rain here and there. … Continue reading Hong Kong, the Fragrant Harbour