Sailing in Passikudah, Sri Lanka

I love oceans. The look of it. The sound of it. The smell of it. The feel of it. And since I live on an island, I have plenty of it.

The infamous coastal village of Pasikuda (also spelled Passikudah) is synonymous with Kalkudah, the name of the bay close to the town on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

It’s a surfer’s paradise (like Arugam Bay) and completely inundated with tourists during the high season. Being the tropical paradise that it is, Sri Lanka has plenty of sunshine for the most parts of the year – and the Eastern coast is calm and warm from March through October. The North-Eastern monsoons breeze over the Bay of Bengal from around November till the beginning of the year.

If you’re traveling from Colombo, it’s literally a 6-hour cross-country drive and now you can even enjoy a train/bus ride or take a domestic flight which lands closer to Arugam Bay. Accommodation and eateries are plenty – you’ll definitely find something that fits your budget.

Sea, sun and sand at Passikudah, Sri Lanka

Our stay was at a property called Sun Aqua Pasikudah, a relatively smaller place than the bigger brands that were around. Working in the travel industry has its perks and this trip was one of them! We had been invited here on a FAM (familiarization tour) of the property as a travel agent.

View of the pool and beach from the restaurant and entrance

The rooms are spacious with their own little seating area just outside a set of french windows – a few minor issues here and there like a bulb that doesn’t work and a switch that doesn’t ‘switch’ – but other than that, it’s a really chilled out hotel.

The following morning we were taken to do some sightseeing in the area. I’ve lived in Sri Lanka all my life and been travelling quite a bit but these stories I keep hearing everywhere I go never cease to amaze me.

Passikudah is also home to somewhat a ‘tribe’ of people who worship the Snake God. There’s a little village about 20 minutes from the town – visitors are welcome. The pictures are from the Snake God Temple; the people believe that the snake protects their land and therefore gives due reverence.


Buddhist temples, Hindu kovils and many other archaeological sites are within close proximity to Passikudah creating another sort of one-stop destination. There’s a farm in Batticaloa that provides horse-riding as well if you’re in to that sort of thing.

The highlight of the two night stay for me, was the concluding evening. A short walk on the beach from the hotel and a fishing-boat ride later, we sailed away on the Sail Lanka Charter which was docked in the calm waters of Eastern Sri Lanka. It’s a beautiful experience, truly breathtaking.

I’m not quite sure of the rates, but you can check it out on their website. It would be the perfect set up for a quiet, personal dinner date, a beautiful venue for a very romantic proposal even or just some private time with friends and family.

Before our ride back home, we stopped by at the newest Sunrise by Jetwing, a very apt name for a property on the East Coast. They say the hotel has the longest stretch of beach in the area and they may be quite right!

View from the hotel’s garden at Sunrise by Jetwing

And so concluded another stay at another lovely destination!

Sunset in Passikudah

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