Hong Kong, the Fragrant Harbour

My third time to Hong Kong – thanks to family living there, I don’t have to worry about anything else except spending money! I’ve brought together everything I’ve done and experienced in this beautiful city.

I travelled in both February and April – the former, was bitter cold with bits of rain here and there. April 2015 was not too bad with plenty of sunshine. April 2016 was another wet holiday!

My humble abode – or rather my aunt’s humble abode is on Lantau Island, which is about a 30 minute drive from the mainland. A decent neighbourhood with a lot of malls in close proximity.


Disneyland, Hong Kong

My second time here and still not tired of it! This time I actually stayed on for the Night Parade which was full of colour and music – a parade done in just the Disney way. It was fabulous and for one full day, I was truly out in the magical world, oblivious to reality. Book your tickets online so that you don’t need to spend time in the queues and avoid the weekend as much as possible! Check out the show times so that you can plan out your route – you can get lost and miss it!

The Lion King show is my favourite, and the Grizzly section was very cool even though half of it was under maintenance during my visit. It could get cold in the night, so taking a shawl or scarf wouldn’t hurt!

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The best time to walk in the city, is in the evening on a Friday night. I walked across the busy CBD on Queen’s Road Central through to Lan Kwai Fong, the nightlife capital of Hong Kong and my favourite place after Stanley.

Near the Clock Tower streets in Lantau is where China Town begins – the night market is busy, loud and full of energy. Look out for those streetfood kiosks and grab a waffle filled with condensed milk, and peanut butter (you can opt out of the peanut butter) – it is delicious and I never forget to get one for myself every time I see it!

Take the Star Ferry ride from across the island to Central or from Central to Lantau – there’s a light show at 8pm (schedule is available online) that you can watch from the decks of the ferry or at the ferry docks from the opposite side of Central… and of course the Hong Kong Eye if you have a bucketlist to see all the city eye’s!

Take the famous Peak Tram from Central to Peak Station and where you’ll find Madame Taussaud’s Wax Museum. Take a stroll inside, shop a little if you feel like it inside Peak Galleria mall and take the bus, the tram or the walking trail back to Central. The trail is beautiful on a clear day with views of the harbour and all the port activity!

The Big Buddha is away from Central – you can take the bus up to the Ngong Ping Cable Car station and take a cable right up to the Big Buddha village. A quaint little setup with restaurants, coffee and souvenir shops. The climb up is worth it! Beautiful 360 views of the harbour and the China Sea, the small acreage of forest and never ending sight of the sea!

Hong Kong is a definite “go back” destination on my travel plans!

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