Kusinara, India: Where the Buddha Breathed His Last

Kusinara is peaceful. It has a serene sense of atmosphere, at least in the early morn when we walked through the holy city.

Kusinara, or Kushinagar is where the Buddha breathed his last. He was cremated where now lies the Ramabhra Stupa. Strong vibes rippled through the morning mist, the aroma of incense sticks and the quiet flame of candles and lamps add a calm sense of devotion; the feeling hits you.

…where the Buddha breathed his last…

I meditated for a few minutes, breathing in the stillness, playing back the Ithipiso in my mind, thinking what it would have been like to be here in that century. My brother and I said our Gaathas, thought of everyone back home; from my parents, grandparents, family, closest friends, colleagues and everyone we know…and everyone we don’t know.

**Await – Travel tips and location info…

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