Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day, Sri Lanka

අද දුරුතු පොහෝ දිනයයි. ලංකාවේ විසූ යක්ක හා නාග ගෝත්රක දෙපලගේ ආරවුලකට මැදිහත් වීමට අවශ්‍ය බව ඉර්දි බලයෙන් දුටු බුදුරජාණන් වහන්සේ, බුදු බව ලබා මාස නවයකට පසු, දුරුතු පොහොය දිනක ලංකාවට වැඩම කර සේක. උන්වහන්සේ ලංකා භූමියට වැඩම කර පළමු අවස්ථාව විය. එවිට, සුමන සමන් දේවයන් හට, ජීවමාන බුදුරජාණන් වහන්සේගේ කේශ ධාතුන් වහන්සේ නමක් පූජා … Continue reading Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day, Sri Lanka


Traveling in the Maldives

For the average traveler, there's one way of commuting in the Maldives; the Maldivian way. My work takes me quite a few times to the Maldives. The plus side is that I get to sleep in really comfy beds. The down side is getting around. So I thought I'd share my experience which may give … Continue reading Traveling in the Maldives

Barcelona, Spain

I arrived in Barcelona on work and so I only have two weekends for my own adventures. I wanted to make the most of the little time I had in Europe; the reading may help if you're stuck for time too!  After work on Friday night, one of my friends who also happened to be … Continue reading Barcelona, Spain

Fresh Water Dolphins in Kratie, Cambodia

This was without a doubt, the highlight of my trip to the old Khmer Empire. Confession: I haven't yet gone dolphin watching in Sri Lanka which is more or less one of the "big fives" of the island - but now I have seen fresh water dolphins instead - and what a beautiful sight it … Continue reading Fresh Water Dolphins in Kratie, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

December, 2015: yes, it's been a year since we actually went to Cambodia. Better late than never! - let's just say this is #throwback. Colombo to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and Singapore to Phnom Penh on Silk Air. It wasn't a bad flight, except for the fact that I was babysitting two adult 'brothers' (one … Continue reading Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Brisbane, Australia

The state of Queensland, Australia - I took a domestic flight out from Melbourne to spend the weekend with one of my oldest friends in Brisbane. With the warmest welcome of a plate of Kiribath (milk rice, a traditional Sri Lankan dish) and a hot cup of tea, we watched the opening ceremony of the … Continue reading Brisbane, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

My first time out of Asia, I watched as the sun dawned over Asia Pacific. I was en route to Melbourne, the longest flight I had been on and the first other continent I travelled to. Being excited was an understatement. In three weeks, I squeezed in three beautiful states, was inspired by some breathtaking … Continue reading Melbourne, Australia